Kamen Georgiev in Kumite 1


Кmen Georgiev will take part in the new MMA organization Kumite 1 League.

World Kickboxing Network (WKN), one of the largest sports governing bodies in the world, has extended its firm support to the upcoming Kumite 1 League, it was announced on Thursday.

Four fighters -- Antonio Gordill, Dmitry Batok, Kamen Georgie and Martin Ottaviano --associated with WKN will also be participating in the league, acording to a statement.

The president of WKN Stephane Cabrera said: "World Kickboxing Network in its last 25 years of existence has strived to promote and populariSe all forms of kickboxing in the world. India is a key market for us and we are happy to partner with Kumite 1 League which is unique unto itself and a first for MMA in India."

Founder of the Kumite 1 League Mohamedali Budhwani said: "Kumite 1 League is honoured to operate in partnership with a prestigious body like World Kickboxing Network, which is known to have promoted the sport in a large scale across the globe. This is a reiteration of our commitment towards bringing hardcore MMA to India.

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