Girl Power 7 - live

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Another kickboxing gala evening will be live again on B1B!

Girl Power 7 this time will be held in the Czech Republic, Kladno on October 19 - Friday.

The event includes 8 international fighters who will be out in the ring with one goal - winning. The tournament is held for one night in single elimination, and the winner of the tournament will have to make 3 victories for the evening, starting with quarter-finals, semi-finals and reaching the all-in-one final.

All fans of this tournament already know that it has been held on several citys on the territory of Bulgaria, but this time it has already become clear that the organizers have choosed the Czech Republic.

This will be the first Girl Power organized in the Czech Republic. The previous Girl Power was won by Theresa Dvorakova in May, which brought her the World Kickboxing Network (WKN) prize, but in order to reach her she had to defeat Christine Fiedler in her final match.

The winner of Girl Power - Dvorakova takes part in most of the tournaments as well as take part in the upcoming Girl Power 7 kickboxing gala evening.

Participants in the tournament will be Michaela Michl (Germany), Lucia Szabova (Slovakia), Samira Kovacevic (Bosnia), Diane Schembri (Malta), Tereza Dvorakova (Czech), Sara Surrel (France), Zarina Apakova (Poland).

Watch live on B1B Action TV October 19 at 17:00 on our TV channel and on our website!